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The Hong Kong Series

Molotov Sculpture

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HK01 - M0001

When facing authoritarian government the people of Hong Kong fought back with Molotov cocktail bombs to vanguard freedom and democracy. These sculpture preserves the fighting spirit and determination for freedom in the way of uncivil disobedience like a time capsule. The process of the sculpture making involves rapid cooling by water when the resin sculpture reaches about 100°C while curing, trapping the escaping air bubble within creating an unique powerful explosive look.

dr. kacey wong (1970) was born in hong kong. he is the founding member of art citizens, street design union, umbrella movement art preservation, and former curator & member of para/site art space. currently he is an examiner of the hong kong arts development council. his research investigates artist’s and designer’s role in social political causes. wong’s experimental art project investigates the space between men and their living environment with a social intention. he thinks being an artist is similar to being a detective, the case on hand is to investigate the self. his mobile tricycle project ‘wandering homes’ was featured at the 2008 venice architectural biennale in italy. wong self-exiled to taiwan permanently on 2021 and continue to advocate for the freedom of hong kong

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